The Science

We choose to combine earth elements with plant-based ingredients for LeBo deodorant to destroy the odour causing bacteria and eliminate body odour. LeBo is based on elements and ingredients used by ancient civilizations that are still in use in today’s modern society.

What each of our ingredients offers:

Ionic Silver:

Silver has been used by ancient Greeks and Romans to combat infections in wounds, purify water, etc. and is used today in modern hospitals as it is known for anti bacterial and sterilizing characteristics.
Release Strategies of Silver Ions from Materials for Bacterial Killing


I choose two forms of magnesium for Le Bo, Magnesium Hydroxide and ancient sea-bed salt (magnesium chloride flakes ) as there are many benefits for skin care and growing evidence of it’s anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties .
Going Natural: Magnesium Hydroxide in Natural Deodorant

Copper :

I choose copper again for its proven century’s old anti-bacterial properties (ie. Ancient Egyptians). There are two actual pieces of pure copper in each bottle.
Antimicrobial properties of copper


Arrowroot has many benefits for the skin. It has anti-bacterial properties and is a drying agent. It has been used for centuries by indigenous peoples for many medicinal reasons.
Antibacterial effect of crude water-soluble arrowroot (Puerariae radix) tea extracts on food-borne pathogens in liquid medium

Witch Hazel:

Witch Hazel is well known for it’s properties proven over the centuries by Native Americans and Europeans as a wound dressing that not only stops bleeding but helps wounds from becoming infected. It also has many benefits for skin health.
Antibacterial activity and medical properties of Witch Hazel Hamamelis virginiana

Grain Alcohol:

Alcohol is a well known anti-bacterial agent. I use a very small quantity mainly as a preservative to replace parabens, so LeBo is always fresh!
Ethanol (also called ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, drinking alcohol, or simply alcohol) is an organic compound with the chemical formula CH3CH2OH